Achievement of treatment and rehabilitation results is often based on successful partnership and collaboration of specialized clinics.

We offer cooperation with our company in the direction of joint medical care for patients.

The "Svyatovest" project combines the capabilities of leading public medical centers of the Republic of Belarus.

The introduction of advanced treatment methods in oncology, cardiology, traumatology, orthopedics, plastic and aesthetic surgery allows us to provide timely and high-quality care to foreign citizens.

The project involves the best specialized doctors, including

doctor of science
candidate for doctor of science

The main objective of the project is to develop and implement an individual treatment and rehabilitation plan in the most comfortable conditions in the Republic of Belarus.

Financing of the project with the participation of clinics guarantees payment of medical services at the minimum cost strictly to the cashier of the medical institution.

Additional services within the project:

  • training and professional development programs for specialists based on the simulation center with further practical application of skills in one of the specialized clinics;
  • telemedicine service - consultations with highly qualified doctors via closed video channels;
  • molecular genetic studies of hereditary risks.

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