Public offer agriment


1.1. The contract of compensated rendering of services(hereinafter – the "agreement") governs the relationship between the limited liability company "Svyatovest", hereinafter referred to as "Contractor", represented by the Director of the Krasny Dmitry, acting on the basis of the Charter, and an uncertain circle of persons – the customer services on the website of the Contractor (hereinafter, the website), hereinafter referred to as "Customer", who accepts the public offer on the conclusion of the contract.

1.2. This agreement, the list of services and tariffs of the Contractor, in accordance with article 396 of the Civil code of the Republic of Belarus, is a public offer and can be accepted by the Customer only by joining it as a whole. Publication (placement) of the text of this agreement on the official website of the Contractor at is a public offer (offer) The contractor, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons to conclude this agreement (paragraph 2 of article 407 of the Civil code of the Republic of Belarus).

1.3. This agreement, subject to the procedure for its acceptance, is considered concluded in simple written form (clause 2, clause 3 of article 404 and clause 3 of article 408 of the Civil code of the Republic of Belarus) and, accordingly, does not require registration on paper, and has full legal force.

1.4. the Fact confirming the conclusion of the contract is the Customer's payment for the services ordered by them in the manner and under the conditions specified in this agreement (clause 3 of article 408 of the Civil code of the Republic of Belarus).


2.1. the Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with Services under the terms of this Agreement related to the qualified provision of medical care by health care institutions and doctors in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and the Customer undertakes to accept the Services and pay for them in accordance with the procedure and conditions specified in this Agreement.

2.2. Contractor's services include:

- providing information about types of medical services in the Republic of Belarus;

- providing information about the terms of medical services, payment procedure;

- acceptance of requests both orally and in writing from the Customer about the need for medical services;

- coordination with the medical institution or doctor of treatment methods and effectiveness;

- coordination with the medical institution or doctor of the medical care program, date, time and place of the Customer's visit to the doctor;

- organization of audio-video conferences with doctors.

2.3. All information about the Customer that became known to the Contractor during the execution of the Contract is considered confidential and cannot be transferred to third parties without the Customer's permission.

2.4. the List of services to be provided under this agreement, the period of service provision and other conditions that determine the procedure for providing services, as well as other information that is essential for the provision of services, are specified in invoices or invoices issued by the Contractor for payment by the Customer.


3.1. The customer accesses the contractor in the means of communication listed on the website of the Contractor.

3.2. the Contractor conducts an online interview with the Customer regarding the provision of medical care in the Republic of Belarus.

3.3. the Customer sends to the Contractor by means of electronic communication the documents necessary for organizing the provision of consultations by a doctor or treatment in a medical institution. The parties shall specify the list of documents additionally.

3.4. The contractor shall ensure the transfer of documents from a foreign language into Russian language. Payment for translation of documents is not included in the total cost of services under this Agreement and is charged additionally.

3.5. the Contractor organizes a video conference between the Customer and the doctor to receive information about the methods and methods of treatment during their stay in a medical facility. The information service does not include online medical consultation if the Customer has a diagnosis. From the moment of payment of the invoice for services under the Agreement, the Contractor provides the Customer with a link on the Internet to get a temporary password. The customer uses a temporary password to log in to the «Bitrix» messenger through which a video conference with the doctor will take place. The contractor informs the Customer in advance of the date and time of the video conference.

3.6. Information service about methods and methods of treatment provided by a doctor may be paid or free of charge. If the consultation is paid, the Customer pays for the consultation in advance to the current account of the medical institution or doctor on the basis of the invoice submitted by the Contractor.

3.7. in case of need for hospitalization or inpatient treatment, the Contractor provides the Customer with a service for organizing a visit to a medical facility or to a doctor.

3.8. the Contractor does not provide advice on the procedure for obtaining a visa, the procedure for entering the Republic of Belarus for medical treatment, and does not inform about the purchase of air tickets.

3.9. The cost of travel to the place of treatment and back (flights and other transport costs) and the costs of accommodation, meals or hospitalization in the Republic of Belarus in the cost of services not included to be paid by the Customer.

3.10. The contractor has the right to engage third parties to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, as well as to use the services/works of third parties that provide the possibility of providing the Services provided for in this Agreement.

3.11. The Contractor's responsibility is limited to the terms of this Agreement. The customer independently enters into all other transactions with third parties, in connection with which the Contractor is not responsible for improper performance of these third parties ' obligations.


4.1. The contractor shall:

4.1.1. Properly and efficiently provide the Customer with services to the extent and within the terms agreed by the parties to this Agreement and specified in the invoice or invoice for payment.

4.1.2. Promptly notify the Customer of changes to the terms of the Agreement, the cost of services and the procedure for their provision by posting information on the site

4.1.3. Notify the Customer of the inexpediency of providing services to the Customer in the amount agreed by the parties, due to its individual characteristics that make it impossible or impractical to provide these services.

4.1.4. Ensure the confidentiality of information provided by the Customer, except for cases when providing access to such information for third parties is a necessary condition for the provision of Services, or is mandatory due to the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

4.1.5. provide advice to the Customer by phone and / or email and other means of communication specified on the Contractor's website on issues that arise for the Customer in connection with the provision of services.

4.1.6. Ensure the conclusion of a contract for the provision of medical services between the Customer and a medical institution or doctor.

4.1.7. Provide written information about the address and phone number of the medical institution.

4.1.8. control the completeness of the Customer's collection of documents necessary for obtaining medical services in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

4.1.9. Inform about the readiness of the Customer's documents issued for a visit to a doctor, hospitalization in a medical facility, and treatment.

4.2. the Contractor has the right to:

4.2.1. Independently determine the composition and cost of services.

4.2.2. Suspend or terminate the provision of services, refuse to perform the agreement or terminate this Agreement unilaterally, if the Customer fails to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

4.2.3. Not to accept for consideration the Customer's claims submitted with missing the time period during which such claims may be submitted (clause 4.3.5. of this Agreement).

4.3. The customer is obliged:

4.3.1. Comply with the terms of this Agreement, as well as pay the Contractor for the ordered services in the manner, amount and within the terms specified in this Agreement.

4.3.2. Timely provide the Contractor with documents by means of electronic communication necessary for the medical institution in the case of a pre-agreed personal appointment with a doctor or treatment in a medical institution.

4.3.3. regularly review information related to the provision of services posted on the Contractor's Website 4.3.4. Ensure the safety and confidentiality of service information received from the Contractor (links, access names and passwords, mobile phone numbers of specialists, doctors, etc.).

4.3.5. if there are claims for the services rendered by the Contractor, notify the Contractor in writing via electronic communication within twenty-four hours from the moment when the Customer became aware or should have become aware of the non-performance or improper performance of the obligations assumed by the Contractor under this Agreement.

4.4. The customer has the right:

4.4.1. Require the Contractor to properly provide the Services.

4.4.2. Terminate this Agreement if the Contractor fails to fulfill or improperly fulfills its obligations to provide services under this Agreement.


5.1. the Cost of services provided by the Contractor is determined by the Contractor and brought to the attention of the Customer before ordering services.

5.2. the Contractor has the right to independently set prices for the services provided and change them. The changed prices for services rendered are valid from the moment determined by the Contractor. The contractor informs the Customer about changes in the cost of services via the official website no later than 5 (five) days before the changes take effect.

5.3. the Customer pays for services in a non-cash manner by transferring funds to the Contractor's current account on the terms of full pre-payment for services according to the data and details specified in the provided invoice or invoice within two business days from the date of its issuance. 

5.4.all costs associated with the transfer of payments under this agreement to the Contractor's account are borne by the Customer.


6.1. the Provision of services under this Agreement is confirmed by the Act on the provision of services (hereinafter-the Act). accordance with the resolution of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus dated 12.02.2018 No. 13 "on the sole preparation of primary accounting documents and invalidation of the resolution of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus dated December 21, 2015 No. 58", the Customer confirms and agrees that the Act on rendering services in accordance with this Agreement can be drawn up by the Contractor alone.

6.3. the Report on the provision of services is sent to the Customer by e-mail or otherwise.

6.4. the Customer is obliged to sign the Act of rendering services within 5 (five) business days from the date of sending it to the Contractor and submit a signed copy of the Act or reasoned objections to its signing. The customer agrees that if it, within 5 (five) business days from the date of issue of the certificate on rendering of services will not declare any written claims rendered by the Contractor to the services or does not return to the Contractor a signed copy of the Act, it will be considered as full and unconditional acceptance by the Customer that services provided to the Customer in a timely manner, fully and properly, the services shall be deemed accepted and payable in connection with the further claims of the Customer concerning the quality of services by the Contractor are not accepted and will not be considered.


7.1. All disputes related to this Agreement, the parties undertake to resolve by means of negotiations.

7.2. if the Parties fail to resolve all disputes, all disputes arising from this Agreement, including those related to its conclusion, modification, termination, performance, invalidity, shall be resolved in court in the courts of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


8.1. For violation of terms of payment the Customer shall pay a penalty of 0.1% of unpaid amount per each day of delay.

8.2. for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement, the Contractor is responsible in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

9. OTHER TERMS and conditions

9.1. This agreement is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations under it.

9.2. the Customer is obliged to independently track the information posted by the Contractor on the official website concerning the terms of this agreement.

9.3. The customer is obliged to inform the Contractor about the change of surname, name, patronymic/name of company, legal address, banking details, address of registration and/or mail delivery, passport data, contact information, and other required contract execution data within two working days from the date of registration of such changes.

9.4. in all other Matters not regulated by this agreement, the parties are guided by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


Society with limited liability «Svyatovest»

UNP 193312327

Office 1002, 25g Filimonova str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus

IBAN account: BY08ALFA30122555580020270000

at Alfa-Bank OJSC, 43-47 Surganova str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus



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