How to understand the diagnosis?
How to get the opinion of a leading expert?
Which techniques are more effective in a particular case?
Consultation with a leading doctor without leaving home!

What you need to get a remote video consultation
  • Send us your medical documents. We will select a specialized leading doctor.
  • The coordinator will agree with you a convenient time for consultation.
  • You pay the cost of the consultation. To do this, we will send an invoice to your e-mail.
  • The doctor will review your medical history and prepare for the consultation.
  • At the agreed time, follow the link provided and go to the online doctor's office, where you can get answers to all your questions regarding treatment.
When you need a remote video consultation

You want to check the diagnosis and the previously proposed treatment methods;

You want to know possible alternative treatments;

You want to know about the prognosis and results of different treatment options;

You need a specialist consultation, but there is no way to come to the clinic yet;

You want to meet your doctor personally before starting treatment.


consultation with a doctor of science or professor - $ 70

consultation with a candidate of medical sciences or associate professor - $ 50

consultation with a doctor of the highest category - $ 40

payment for the service is made in US dollars, Belarusian rubles at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus or in Russian rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment

! A consultation is an information service about the possibilities of treatment or diagnostics in the case under consideration.

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