Kokhnyuk Viktor

Kokhnyuk Viktor
Deputy Director (for surgery)
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Leading Research Fellow, the highest qualification category
Specialization Oncology
Degree Doctor of Medical Sciences
Category Highest qualification category

Scientific activity

An author of 11 patents of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation;
223 scientific works and 9 inventions, three monographs, a reference book on clinical oncology and a textbook on oncology for medical students
Performs complex and high-tech operations for colorectal cancer, aimed at improving the efficiency of patient treatment and improving their quality of life.
Helps in development of new methods of combined and restorative treatment of patients with rectal and colon cancer.
Under his supervision, four dissertations were defended for the degree of candidate of medical sciences.
He is the executor, scientific supervisor of 6 programs for the development of new methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with colorectal cancer within the framework of the Republican scientific and technical programs.
Carries out a lot of scientific and organizational work:
development of protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with colorectal cancer in the Republic of Belarus;
preparation of recommendations for combined treatment, medical and labor expertise and social and labor rehabilitation of patients with colorectal cancer

Editorial activity

A member of the editorial board of the scientific and practical publication "Oncological Journal"
and editor from the CIS countries of the scientific and practical journal "Oncological Coloproctology" (Russia)


Membership in medical societies

  • Association of Coloproctologists of Russia
  • Ассоциация хирургов Беларуси секция колоректальной хирургии
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