Kuzmin Evgeny

Kuzmin Evgeny
Head of the Department of Head and Neck Tumors
Specialization Oncology
Degree Candidate of Medical Sciences
Category Highest qualification category


graduate of the Grodno State Medical Institute
an oncologist at the Mogilev Regional Oncological Dispensary.
since 1999
oncologist-surgeon of the Oncology Department of Head and Neck Tumors N.N. Alexandrov
Head of the Department of the Oncological Department of Head and Neck Tumors, State Institution RSPC N.N. Alexandrov
the priority direction in scientific and practical activities is the rehabilitation of the voice function in patients after laryngectomy.
performs complex and high-tech surgical interventions, including craniofacial, cranio-orbital resections under the control of a stereotaxic navigation device.
recognized as the best surgeon in the Republic of Belarus

Editorial activity

is the author of more than 20 publications,
4 patents of the Republic of Belarus for inventions and
5 rationalization proposals, co-author of instructions for use.

Membership in medical societies

  • Member of the Society of Oncologists of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Member of the Society of Specialists in Head and Neck Tumors of the Russian Federation.
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