Moiseev Pavel

Moiseev Pavel
Deputy Director for Organization of Anticancer Control
Candidate of Medical Sciences, the highest qualification category
Experience 33 years
Specialization Oncology
Degree Candidate of Medical Sciences
Category Highest qualification category


graduated from Minsk State Medical Institute
internship in surgery at the Research Institute of Oncology and Medical Radiology of the Ministry of Health of the BSSR
Upon completion of the internship, he was admitted to the position of a junior researcher in the department of thoracic oncopathology of the same institute.
Ph.D. thesis defense on "New methods of radiomodification in the combined treatment of epidermoid lung cancer"
Leading Researcher, Department of Thoracic Oncopathology
Head of the Department of Organization of Anticancer Fighting, Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Oncology and Medical Radiology. N.N. Alexandrova
retraining on the basis of the State Educational Institution "Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education" in the specialty "Organization of health care" with the qualification "doctor-organizer of health care"
since 2019
Deputy Director for Organization of Anticancer Control.

Scientific activity

The main activities of Moiseev P.I. Currently, the development and implementation in practical health care of screening programs and a set of measures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of oncological care, improving the early diagnosis of malignant neoplasms and informatization of the service.
Author of over 130 publications.

Editorial activity

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the "Oncological Journal"


Membership in medical societies

  • Belarusian Society of Oncologists (BSO)
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