Voronovich Andrey

Voronovich Andrey
Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Sports Injury Joints Pathology, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Excellence in Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus
Experience 31 year
Specialization Traumatology
Degree Candidate of Medical Sciences
Category Highest qualification category


graduated from Minsk State Medical Institute
basic course of AO, Moscow. Training
Elsk University, D. K. Keggie Foundation, Waterbury Hospital, USA. Training
internship in endoprosthetics in clinics in Germany.
advanced courses of AO, Moscow. Training
defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Total hip arthroplasty in case of acetabular defects"
"Intra-articular fractures, Treatment of pelvic and acetabular fractures" Austria. Training.
periodic refresher courses in the specialty at the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Scientific activity

Author of 2 patents, 45 scientific publications, incl. 3 monographs, 10 articles

Editorial activity

"Modern materials of surgical implants and instruments." Authors: V.V. Savich, M.G. Kiselev, Voronovich A.I. Tutorial. Minsk, - Unitary Enterprise "Technoprint"
"Tumors of the bones and joints of the pelvis (Diagnostics using computed and magnetic resonance imaging, safe operations)." Authors: I.R. Voronovich, L.A. Pashkevich, Voronovich A.I. A guide for doctors. Minsk, GU RNMB
"Diagnostics and technologies of safe operations for tumors and tumor-like diseases of the knee joint." Authors: I.R.Voronovich, L.A. Pashkevich, A.I.Voronovich, N.O. Golutvina. A guide for doctors. Minsk: GU RNMB
"Surgical treatment of fractures of the posterior wall and posterior column of the acetabulum." Authors: A.V.Beletsky, A.E. Murzich, A.I. Voronovich. Surgery News magazine №3
"Posterior Kocher-Langenbeck approach in the surgical treatment of acetabular fractures." Authors: A.E. Murzich, A.V. Beletsky, A.I. Voronovich, O.A. Korzun. "Medical Journal" No. 3
"Reasons for the adverse results of surgical treatment of displaced acetabular fractures." Authors: A.E. Murzich, A.I. Voronovich. Ars Medica magazine №9
Materials of the international scientific and practical conference "Modern aspects of the provision of specialized traumatological and orthopedic care"
"Surgical treatment of severe injuries of the acetabulum" Authors: A.E. Murzich, A.I. Voronovich. Collection of abstracts of the IX Congress of Traumatologists-Orthopedists of Russia, Saratov
"Experience in the use of revision legs in the State Institution RSPCTO" Authors: TE Talako, AI Voronovich. Collection of abstracts of the IX Congress of Orthopedic Traumatologists of Russia, Saratov
"Electrophysiological monitoring of the state of the neuromuscular and vascular systems in patients after revision hip arthroplasty" Authors: A.V. Zarovskaya, L.A. Pashkevich, A.I. Voronovich, O. N. Vasko, Yu.V. Osipov, M.T. Mohammadi // Sat. articles of the State Institution Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Expertise and Rehabilitation
"Revision periprosthetic changes in the tissue of the hip joint" Authors: Mohammadi MT, Pashkevich LA, Voronovich AI, Zarovskaya AV // Materials of the united all-Russian scientific and educational conference dedicated to the memory of professor A.N. Goryachev and the VII scientific and educational conference of traumatologists and orthopedists of the FMBA of Russia, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the West Siberian Medical Center of the FMBA of Russia, the IV Congress of traumatologists and orthopedists of the Siberian Federal District - Omsk

Membership in medical societies

  • Member of the Society of Traumatologists-Orthopedists of the Republic of Belarus Member of the Society of Traumatologists-Orthopedists of the Republic of Belarus
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